These hearts are called "Smoothie Hearts" for the obvious reason - they're all about smooth glass. No dots or stringer, just beautiful, sleek glass.
One thing you'll want to keep in mind when ordering a heart, is which way you'd like the hole to run. Think about how you'll be using it - either as a pendant, or hanging directly from a chain, etc. Also, where the hole lies will change the look of the heart completely. If the hole runs vertically (which is best for pendants), the shape will be of a more traditional heart shape. If the hole runs horizontally, the heart will appear funkier, with a dramatic point at the bottom. See the pics below to get a better idea of how the two styles differ - not just in style, but in measurement as well.

Vertical-Holed Hearts Horizontal-Holed Hearts
Vertical-Holed Hearts Horizontal-Holed Hearts
  • $20.00 for large, (Approx 25 x 25mm)
  • $15.00 for medium, (Approx 17 x 17mm)
  • $12.00 for small, (Approx 12 x 12mm)
  • $20.00 for large, (Approx 22 x 38mm))
  • $15.00 for medium, (Approx 17 x 25mm)
  • $12.00 for small, (Approx 10 x 15mm)