I love this bracelet style - it's a perfect way to personalize your jewelry or make an original and thoughtful gift. Your bracelet can display your name, your children's names, something fun and funky or something inspirational - it's up to you!
Currently, there are two styles to choose from...

Three-Bead style - This style is for those who would like either a longer message, or simply prefer the look of a cuff bracelet. $75 Five-Bead style - If you'd like a short message, maybe just a name, etc., or if you'd like more beads in your bracelet, this style would be a great choice. $100
3-Bead Bracelet 5-Bead Bracelet

  • Made with sterling silver
  • Feel free to choose whatever bead styles you'd like
  • Letters will be in all capitals
  • Other symbols you can request: crown, hearts, squiggle, dots
  • You can choose either 5 x 1 mm or 7 x 1 mm for your message
  • Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions!