Frequently Asked Custom Order Questions

How do I order?

Just e-mail me with what styles you'd like, colors, etc. I'll write you back, confirming your order, and then set up a link to Pay Pal for your specific order. If you don't use Pay Pal, I'll take checks and money orders as well. I consider an order "officially placed" when I receive payment.

Who chooses the colors I'll be buying?

You do! That's what's so fun about a custom order. I'd be happy to help you if you'd like, but you might find it fun to choose the colors yourself. Feel free to be as specific as you like, or as general. I'll have clients that tell me, "I'd like a polka dot bead with a navy blue base and soft pink spots", and then other clients will say, "I'd like them to be made with blues and greens". The only limit you have to color choices are those made by the glass itself. Some colors don't "behave" well in certain designs, etc., and glass unfortunatley doesn't come in every color under the rainbow. I'll really do my best to make the beads the color scheme you'd like.

What size are the holes?

I usually make my beads on a 1/16" mandrel, which is perfect for silver wire, thin leather cord, etc. If you're making something on the larger size and need a larger hole, I can always use a 3/32" mandrel. Just let me know which you'd prefer. Also, don't forget you can always ask for some assistance in choosing the hole size if needed. I'd be happy to help.

How much is shipping?

Shipping for custom orders is $3 for first-class within North America, or $15 for global mail.

How long does an order take?

It varies from month-to-month, but usually about 3 weeks. Check the "Order" page for an updated turnaround time.

What if I'd like my beads etched?

No problem! I can etch the beads if you like, but there are some designs that don't look their best when etched. I'll let you know if that's the case when you order.

How about those cool gold dots? Can I have those on my beads?

Sure! Again, there are certain styles and colors that don't work well with the reduction frit (that makes the gold dots), but again - I'll let you know if that's the case with your order.

I saw some really great beads on ebay, but don't see them on your bead page. Can I order those?

Well... I'm sorry, but no. I make many different designs, styles, etc. for ebay that are ebay-only designs. It allows the winner of the auction to own something special and one-of-a-kind. All of the beads that I can do for custom orders are listed on my bead page. I actually chose my most popular, funky, colorful styles for custom orders - they're some of my favorite styles that I think really work well incorporated into jewelry.

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