I wanted to make a place to show how others have used my beads, so this page will be dedicated for those who have used their creative talents to make beautiful jewelry. As time goes on, I'll be adding to the page, and if you've used my beads in your jewelry, please feel free to send me a picture to be included!

"Wire Mania" by Vicki Walker
Vicki Walker
Vicki's struck gold with this new bracelet and necklace style. Since I posted a pic of them on my site, she's received order after order. She silversmiths all of the charms, toggle, etc herself, so her work is very special and handmade. Please feel free to contact me if you're interested in one of her bracelets, or you can go to her website at www.wiremania.com.

"Twisted Thoughts Originals" by Michelle Neff

Michelle Neff
Michelle's been a great client of mine, and her jewelry is to die for (just check out this amazing necklace and bracelet). She's young and hip, and it shows in her work! Her address is: www.twistedthoughtsoriginals.com, and if you like this example of her work, you're going to love her other pieces. Go there now!!!

Dana Hasten Attlan
Dana Hasten
Dana bought these beads from me and used them in this beauty of a necklace. She does a lot of work with stones (there's a necklace called "Dallas" that I would kill for)! Look for it in the "Big City" part of her collection. Here's her address: www.tullysue.com.

Donna Beuche
Donna Beuche
Donna made this ultra-cool bookmark for a special person who had written her Master's thesis on comparing Christianity and Tao. The beads read "tao" in Braille, making it a very personal and thoughtful gift. Donna doesn't have a website (yet), but feel free to contact me if you would like to get in touch with her.

"Dogstar Designs" by Victoria Samberg
Dogstar Designs
When I saw what Victoria had done with this animal print bead I had made, I nearly began to drool. This necklace is a representation of an accomplished beadworker. Truly a gorgeous piece. Thank you for making my bead look so fabulous! :) Victoria's website is one you'll definetely want to browse through, so grab a cup of coffee, get comfortable, and click here: www.dogstardesigns.com

"VandaAnna" by Vanda White
Vanda's style is chic and funky, but classic as well. Anyone would feel fabulous wearing her jewelry, whether it's with formal attire, or t-shirts and blue jeans. Her website is up and running, so you can see more of her lovely work at: www.vandaanna.com.

"Erika's Frosting" by Erika Johnson
I love to see new, young jewelry designers who know how to use the elements of lampwork beads. Erika Johnson is just that kind of gal. She really knows how to put a savvy, modern twist into her pieces. This necklace and bracelet combo was made with beads from my "Holidays in the Hamptons" auction, and I think it's fabulous. That's just the beginning though - she has her own website at www.erikasfrosting.com, where you can see much more of her very cool sense of style.

Lee Marsden
Lee Marsden
Lee's a fellow "floral-lover", and I made this lime and blue combo for her which I think turned out just lovely. She currently doesn't have a website, but I do have her e-mail for you if you'd like to contact her about ordering one of her classic, beautiful designs. Her e-mail is ldmarsden@earthlink.net.

Sharon Dorsey Designs
Sharon Dorsey
I love what Sharon did with my beads for the necklace above. It's ethereal, with a perfect balance of elegance and romance. Her website is filled with amazing jewelry designs made with lampwork beads from some of the best lampworkers around. If you're a lampwork enthusiast, you'll certainly be thrilled you found her website. Her web address is http://homepage.mac.com/ssdorsey/Personal12.html

Blix Designs by Jeanette Ryan
Jeanette Ryan
I'm very happy to include Jeanette Ryan's designs here in my "Designers' Corner". I really should thank her because she inspired me to finally do something I had been wanting to try for a long time - colorful animal beads! In the picture above, the focal bead is one of mine done in a bright pink and black zebra style. I love 'em! I'm also a huge sucker for Bali silver and crystals, and Jeanette likes to use both in her work. So if you're like me and love colorful, detailed jewelry pieces, check out her site at: www.jeanetteblix.com!

Dana Lunak
Dana Lunak
Dana and I seem to have similar tastes in beads and bead color combinations. She has used two of my favorite color combos in her pieces and was gracious enough to send me pictures, which can be seen above. She really knows how to put it all together so that all of the findings, etc. work together, but showcase the beads. She's working on her website, which hopefully means there will be much more to drool over soon! Her web address is: www.dana-lunak-designs.com/ Thank you Dana!