Braille Chicklets
Braille Beads

The "Braille Chicklet" beads are very similar to my signature Braille Beads except that these will lie much more flat on the wrist, neck, etc. They've been hand-shaped so that they are even easier to read and offer a different look. They are a bit more expensive, but because they are shaped by hand (not by using a mold or press), they do take a bit longer to make than my other style.

  • Feel free to request any colors you like
  • I will make any letters you need
  • $15 per small bead (9 x 12 x 6mm - perfect size for bracelets, necklaces, etc)
  • $20 per large bead (12 x 15 x 7mm - just right for focals - these are quite large)