m-a-r-a-h e-m-m-e

Choose any letters you'd like for your bracelet, such as your name, your child's name, or maybe an inspirational word. As long as it's no more than ten letters, it'll work! If you have a short name or would simply like some initials, I'll fill the rest of the bracelet with some of my other favorite bead designs. Feel free to request specific styles too! Choose any color combination (please choose at least three colors), and you'll have yourself a very special one-of-a-kind, personalized piece of handmade jewelry!
Bracelets are priced per bead plus $30 for silver findings and construction. For example, if I wanted my name, "a-m-y" plus a dangle bead put into a bracelet, the cost would be:
3 Small Round Braille Beads @ $12 = $36 + $30 for construction = $66
l-i-s-a l-y-d-i-a