Braille Beads

These Braille Beads are what I would call my "signature series". It seemed like the perfect use for my obsession with dots. They are very special to me because the design is completely original (as far as I know, of course)! If you're wondering if they really are legible - they are!

  • Feel free to request any colors you like
  • I will make any letters you need
  • $12 per small bead (Approx 9 x 12mm)
  • $15 per large bead (Approx 11 x 14mm)
Here are just a couple of testimonials from my Braille Beads clients. . .

"Hi Amy - Just a quick email to say thanks so much for your great concept of the braille beads. I understand that you have met J.W. by email. She and a group of friends of mine presented me with the beads yesterday, and they are very special indeed!
I really like the fact that the braille is really readable. You're probably aware that sometimes, when braille is included on products etc, it can often be bigger or smaller than normal. Your beads are the best example I have come across of the braille being easily readable and accurate, but where the visual aesthetic is also lovely. It seems to often go one way or the other, if you know what I mean. Either the braille looks good or can't be read, or is great for the braille reader but not visually very appealing. You seem to have hit the jackpot!
J. has also set the beads in a lovely necklace. She has used beads to pick up the colours etc of your beads, and has chosen beads with interesting shapes which are lovely to feel as well. The whole necklace is great to feel as well as to look at. Anyway, thanks for a great concept which gives people who are blind or vision impaired a whole new appreciation of jewellery and raises the profile of braille at the same time! Best wishes for Christmas and the new year."
Regards - C.M., New South Wales, Australia

"Just wanted to drop you a note. I got the braille beads, and made my friend a necklace. She just dropped me a note, telling me how happy she is to have a "name necklace" like everyone else! Her husband didn't know it was braille when he opened the package, but she read it instantly, and was so excited.
Thanks for your beautiful work, and for making all of us happy."
- Kathy N-V, Boston, MA

"The beads arrived today, and I was VERY surprised when I opened the package...they are some of the most BEAUTIFUL and intricately designed beads that I have ever seen."
- Amy S., Indianapolis, IN

"Hi Amy. I won your LOVE braille beads on e-bay a few months ago. I thought I'd share the thank you card I received from Kathy F., (Special Ed. Director, local School Dept.): "Thank you again for the beautiful bracelet with the braille beads! I thought you might enjoy hearing a story about one of the many comments & compliments the bracelet has generated. A little girl shopping for candy at the CVS check-out spotted the bracelet and touched it. She started asking questions about the colors & where the bracelet was purchased, etc. when all of a sudden it dawned on her that the beads had bumps in PATTERNS. She cried out, "Oh my gosh, these are BRAILLE!!!" Pretty smart conclusion for a young girl, don't you agree? She thought Helen Keller would have loved them! How nice!"
I thought that was quite touching. I have taken pictures of the bracelet, but I haven't developed the film yet. Hopefully they've come out well & I'll scan & forward a copy when I get them. Thanks again for making such beautiful, meaningful beads, Amy!"
- Lori M., ME