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Today: Friday 9:45 pm 9-13-13
Auction ending tomorrow! Click here to go to my ebay page to see the beads that are available now.
Good evening! I wanted to just pop in here for a second to say that my "Prima Donna" auction will be ending tomorrow at 6:30 pm Pacific time! It's clear that since I've been away from ebay for such an extended period of time that I will have to rebuild my clientele (and not even sure if I'll continue posting them on ebay or use Etsy - I'm fickle like that). In the meantime, those who happen across my beads will likely be able to purchase them at a significantly lower price than what they went for in the past when I was offering them on a regular basis. Ironically, I think my skills have improved, so I hope to be meeting some new clients! Below is the set that will end tomorrow evening - have a great weekend! Oh - and I have an idea in my head for a whole new bead design, but I won't know if I can pull it off till I actually try it. I hope to give it a shot this weekend, and will sell them somewhere if they turn out as cool as I see them in my knuckle-head brain.
Prima Donna
Thursday 6:30 pm 9-5-13
Hi all! Two new auctions are up for grabs and I will have another set beginning Monday as well. I'm trying to make the best of the time I have on break from school and I've turned into a glass-melting, bead-making tornado! While I've been busy making sets, I promise that my attention to detail has not waivered. I think the small details can make enormous differences in how the beads end up in terms of quality and presentation. Anyway, starting to ramble. Below are the two new sets - hope you are in the mood for something very "fall-ish". I love these colors together and was very, very pleased with how purple the purple actually is. As I mention in the listing, getting a true purple can be tricky, but after much experimanting and layering, I think I found it!
Today: Thursday 6:30 pm 9-5-13
Three auctions ending tomorrow and two just started tonight! Click here to go to my ebay page to see the beads that are available now.
Hi all! Two new auctions are up for grabs and I will have another set beginning Monday as well. I'm trying to make the best of the time I have on break from school and I've turned into a glass-melting, bead-making tornado! While I've been busy making sets, I promise that my attention to detail has not waivered. I think the small details can make enormous differences in how the beads end up in terms of quality and presentation. Anyway, starting to ramble. Below are the two new sets - hope you are in the mood for something very "fall-ish". I love these colors together and was very, very pleased with how purple the purple actually is. As I mention in the listing, getting a true purple can be tricky, but after much experimanting and layering, I think I found it!
Autumn Harvest Autumn Heart

Sunday 6:30 pm 9-1-13
It's a miracle!!! I have beads for sale!!! It has been so long since I've put anything up for sale at ebay, I have no idea if anyone will remember me, if any of my old clients still purchase through ebay, how it will go etc. It will be interesting. That being said, I hope the beads do well because I have to say that I was very pleased with how the set and focal beads turned out. I hope they won't go unnoticed. The colors are perfect for fall and winter - nice toasty red-browns, ambers, browns, etc. I decided to put them up on ebay because I don't have a lot of time to make beads right now (halfway through grad school - currently on a month-long break), and am just curious about ebay again. My clients were very good to me in the early-mid 2000s which I appreciate more than I can say. I've really missed the fun of ebay. Anyway, I'm rambling now - just know that all three auctions are only available there (very sorry - no custom orders for these styles) and the auctions end Friday night. Have a great Labor Day and hopefully I'll be back with more beads soon! What???? More??? You betcha! Here are the new auctions:
Wild Thing Wild Thing Cirque Sonic Bloom

Thursday 8:30 pm 8-29-13
New auction (ebay) or Etsy listing soon (can't decide which to do)! Click here to go to my Etsy page to see the set that's available now.
Hello strangers! It's ben since December that I've posted here, so maybe you'd like to know where I've been. I started graduate school at the University of Washington in September (master's in speech-language pathology) and am now halfway through the program! It's a very rigorous program which gives me significantly less time to work at the torch. I do miss my time at the torch, but am absolutely LOVING graduate school. I've met some really amazing people (students and faculty), have had some unforgettable experiences, and my first year went even better than I had anticipated.
Speaking of school, on a really fun day recently, Steve and I popped over to the campus to walk around and take some pictures. The UW campus is something to behold, especially if you enjoy architecture. It was founded in 1861, so there's plenty of Collegiate Gothic, French Renaissance style as well as contemporary building designs. Steve took this picture of Suzzallo library. Some call it the "Harry Potter" room. I call it gorgeous. Steve took the pic below.
That being said, I'm currently on a one-month summer break before autumn quarter starts, so I'll be spending as much time melting glass as I possibly can. As a matter of fact, if you contacted me over the past six months and inquired about a custom order, I will be in contact with you shortly. This is the time to order beads/buy beads if you enjoy my designs!
While I'm excited to hit the torch, I did take time to do a full-on vacation immediately after my last day of summer quarter. Steve and I went to the Washington coast, north and south for a few days and had a blast. Surprisingly, we had the entire beach to ourselves! Max and Sadie were thrilled to go leashless! Steve took tons of pictures to chronicle our much-needed stress-free time together (couple of pics below).
Walking the beach Great day at the beach
Well that's about it for now - I could go on forever (since it's been ages since I've checke din here), but the important thing is... beads are on the way! Check back soon to see the new stuff!

Sunday 9:15 pm 12-30-12
Steve's been learning about photography the past few years (some of his photos of our pups are on this page if you scroll down a bit), and the past couple of days he's helped me photograph some of my beads. I used to get compliments on my bead photos, but Steve's are way better. Anyway, the other day I made this yummy, juicy-looking focal heart that I just put up for sale at Etsy and Steve took care of the photography. He used a black background which I had never tried - but it really ended up capturing the colors so much better than the tired white background I would've used. Long story short: Here's my new addition to my Etsy store - it's up for grabs for $37.00!

Friday 10:30 am 12-28-12
Hi all! I know it seems like the time between having beads available is widening - I started graduate school this fall at the University of Washington and things have been... busy. I'm on winter break right now and am furiously trying to make some beads (and hopefully a new tutorial - maybe two, though that may be a bit ambitious). I'll be accepting custom orders for the next five days and then you'll have to settle for what is available through Etsy. I do plan to have a couple of sets as well as some focals available soon :) And boy, I didn't realize how much I missed working at the torch till I fired it up last week!
So here's my newest set available at my Etsy shop... It was inspired by the very fist color combination that I gravitated towrds when I began working with glass back in 1998. Here's a pic of the set - hope you like it!

Monday 8:30 pm 6-11-12
Hi everyone - It's almost summer and what better way to usher in the warmer weather than a set of super-bright, yummy beads! I just listed the set below in my Etsy shop. I have to say that I've missed being at the torch. I just haven't had the time to make sets for Etsy. It seemed like all of my time was dedicated to custom orders (which has been a blessing - don't get me wrong). But now that the school year is about to end, it feels like I'll have more time at the torch to experiment and try new designs - and I'm really looking forward to it.
Anyway, here's my newest set available at my Etsy shop... Hope you like it and have a great night!
Sugar Shock

Monday 10:00 pm 4-2-12
Hi all! I know I had my doubters - it's been far too long since I've been able to list anything new on Etsy, but I did get several beads/bead sets made and the first of more to come has been posted tonight. I love this set - it's my kind of beads: they're large (but not too large at 20 x 20mm), they're full of detail... and they're black. There was a time in my life when I wore almost all black. And okay, while the '80s seem like an eternity ago, I still have a special place in my heart for artsy-black clothing (as well as New Order and deep red lipstick). Anyway, they're up for grabs and here's a pic of them below. Look for more additions to my Etsy shop soon. Have a great night!
Classic Black

Thursday 9:30 pm 3-29-12
Holy Moly - Happy New Year, Happy St. Patrick's Day and everything in between. It's been a while since I've checked in, but I've been very busy with beads as well as non-bead related "stuff". Steve and I have been working like maniacs on the house - put in a new hardwood floor two weeks ago (and I do mean we put them in - my back is still recovering). Aside from being totally exhausted with that, I've been busy with custom orders and also have some beads ready for Etsy. The photos have been taken, so I just need to crop them and get them all ready. Please come back and check them out - they'll be up in the next couple of days.
Thanks for stopping by!!!

Monday 7:00 am 12-5-11
So I did get to the torch - made one nice focal and like clockwork - ran out of propane. So that's on my "to do" list. I will have some beads finished soon!
On another note, it looks like my perfume bottle article made it into a Japanese magazine called Lammaga. I believe the issue is out in Japan already, but hasn't quite made its way here yet. You can purchase the magazine through ABR Imagery, and the cost is $25.00. Look for the cover below and it's volume number 17.

Saturday 12:00 pm 11-12-11
Hey everyone - yes, I'm still here and yes, I'm still making beads (thanks for the e-mails from those who wondered)! I had to take some time off - I took a graduate class at the UW over the summer (which had to be a priority) and a lot has happened around here over the past couple of months. Sadly, Steve's mom passed away on the 3rd and we had been doing a lot of driving between here and Spokane. It was very sad - Grace (she was appropriately named) had a rather short but fierce battle with cancer and we will miss her so much. Anyway, I haven't really been "up" to torching, so that's why there's been little movement here from me. Hopefully I'll find myself in the studio more. As a matter of fact, I'm about to head that way right now. Wish me luck - I may be rusty. Be back soon!
On a happier note, there was an "addition" to our family since I last checked in. Meet Bean the maltipoo - Steve's son Geoff and Geoff's wife Terry's new puppy (photo taken by Steve):

Thursday 5:50 pm 7-7-11
It finally happened - this morning I actually found time to post some beads on my Etsy page. One set has already sold, but there are others still available. Plus, I have another bead from my "Sonic Bloom" series on its way. There is a totally cool pink and black one ready to find a new home listed, but I have another coming as well. Hopefully I'll be much quicker about getting it listed than I was for the beads I posted today! Below you'll find a collage of the beads I listed today. Of course, if you click on it, you'll be transported to a great place: my etsy page. :) Gotta run for now, but I will be back soon (with more beads to boot)!!!
New Etsy
Monday 8:40 pm 6-13-11
It's still true - I do have Etsy listings on their way. It's been difficult finding time to photograph them (and have them turn out well enough for my liking). I had photographed them a while ago, and wasn't happy with how they turned out, so what had originally started as a two-day project has evolved into something far more time-intensive (all my fault - I can't help it - I'm picky).
Steve and I just got back from a couple of days at the ocean with my folks - it was fantastic! The weather cooperated, and while the beach on the Washington coast is on the rocky, windy, cooler side, it's still very beautiful and the air is unparalleled.
On the glass front, my tutorial/article in Glass Line magazine is officially out and available for subscribers. It's a great issue with informative tutorials from several well-respected glass artists. If you're a fellow "glass lover", you should consider subscribing. Click on the logo for more info about one of the glass enthusiast's most well-respected publications!
Glass Line Magazine

Wednesday 3:30 pm 5-11-11
We had a great Mother's Day this past Sunday - Mom, Dad and Jay came over for a cholesterol-and-calorie-filled brunch and it was yummy. I thought I might just drop in here too to post a picture of the necklace that I made Mom for her day. She liked it a lot, and she says she hasn't taken it off since Sunday. I'm so glad that she liked it, because she deserves the sun and the moon. Anyway, here's a pic of the necklace (and yes, I will take orders for these if you're interested!)
Mother's Day

Tuesday 5:00 pm 3-8-11
Well, it looks like I underestimated how long it was going to take to get all of my custom orderes packed up, so my auctions/etsy listings are not quite ready. I hope to have them up tomorrow - Thursday at the latest! Sorry for the wait.
On a bright note, while it doesn't feel like spring yet (still bundling up to go outside), I can see my daffodils, tulips, and even irses sprouting out from the ground. This morning as I was leaving, I also noticed my periwinkle's starting to bloom a bit. Doesn't it realize how cold it is still? It sure was a nice reminder that before long, we'll all be storing our winter sweaters and deciding which flip-flops to wear for the day - I can't wait for that!
Have a great evening!

Sunday 1:00 pm 3-6-11
Hi all! Yeah, I know... It's been a long time since I've checked in here. I have been making beads - lots of custom orders and just finished an article for Glass Line Magazine - I believe it will be in the April issue. My mom actually said to me, "Amy, you need to post something on your website so everyone knows you're still working with your glass!" Thank you, Mom. I suppose it does look like I've vanished when I'm working primarily on custom orders.
So anyway - glass updates: I do have a couple beads that I'll be listing on either ebay or etsy (haven't decided yet which goes where) - one of which is a pink petal bead with light pink, fuschia, etc. petals. It's really pretty, very feminine. Also, you will be able to find a tutorial for my perfume bottles in the next Glass Line Magazine. It's a step-by-step article which will hopefully encourage anyone who's been considering attempting one to give it a try. I'm really looking forward to seeing how it turned out.
Last but not least, I swear - I will have some new tutorials available for purchase here on my site in the near future, so please check back!
Thanks so much for stopping by, and I'll be back here soon!

Today: Tuesday 6:30 pm 11-9-10
I have to make this a quick "hello" and "good-bye" - I have a ton of stuff I need to do tonight for my dad's birthday dinner tomorrow. Anyway, here's the new auction - I really like how it turned out, and I haven't ever listed a set like it. I'm a sucker for spots, poked eyes, etc. that have a crisp, black outline (love that detail), and the rainbow tones on the black background really pop! Hope you like it, and here it is:

Monday 8:25 pm 11-8-10
Well, I didn't work as long at the torch yesterday as I thought I was going to, but I did manage to finish a very cool set of beads that will start tomorrow.
It's going to be a very busy week this week - it's my dad's 83rd birthday on Wednesday, and Steve and I will have everyone here to celebrate. Steve's going to barbecue steak and salmon (it's going to be a balmy 51 degrees), and I'll do the rest. I can't wait to try the dessert - I'm going to make a super-rich decadent chocolate cake with a raspberry sauce. Mmmmmmmmm......
One more thing before I go... As I've mentioned before, Steve's been studying photography, and the other day he took this photo of Sadie, our little jack russell-terrier/I-don't-know-what-else mix. It's the perfect picture of her. She is absolutely obsessed with that darned ball - takes it everywhere she goes. I just had to share the pic:

Sunday 9:45 am 11-7-10
It's a beautiful day here in the Seattle area, and I find myself torn between two activities I love: lampworking and gardening. But you know what - lampworking trumps all today. I just finished flipping through my 1000 Glass Beads book which I was fortunate to be a part of, and after eight years, it's still an inspiration. The sun is shining, but I'm dying to head to my studio. So, the leaves that have fallen and the plants which need pruning will have to wait another few days - it's torching time! I should have some beads ready to scoop up on Ebay or Etsy within the next couple of days (barring any unfortunate and/or unexpected happenings at the torch today). Have a great Sunday, and enjoy your extra hour!
Saturday 7:00 pm 10-9-10
Holy cow, I got those pictures ready fast for ebay. So there are two new auctions - one collection of ten beads, and a large pendant. Hope you like them, and I'll post their pics below. I'd stay and chat, but I have a few things I need to finish around the house here before "movie night" starts. Tonight's showing: either "Volver" (with Penelope Cruz) or "Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street" (with Johnny Depp). Two very different movies, but both sound intruiging. I'll let Steve decide... :)
Embers Embers Pendant

Today: 6:30 pm 10-4-10
I've been on a roll lately - finally giving myself some time at the torch for auctions (and Etsy soon). Yes, it's been months since I've had any glass for sale at either ebay or Etsy, and I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprsed to see that some of my super clients found me back there as quickly as they did this past week. Thank you for those who stopped by here and/or ebay to see my auctions, and yes, there will be more to come. Well, I better run - I have dishes to do! I'll be back soon with more beads and to say "hello", but until then, I'll leave you with my new auction (note that it is one bead, which I photographed from three different angles). Thanks a bunch and take care!
Sonic Bloom

Wednesday 8:50 pm 9-29-10
I just listed three new auctions: a Rainbow Petal bead, an autumn-inspired set of lentils and a deep purple heart (pics below). Hope you like them - it's going to be a bit scary to see how they do. I was looking, and I haven't listed anything for auction since April! I've been really fortunate to have been busy with custom orders, but I've heard that the glass bead market out there has been scary. Well, at a minimum, perhaps you'll get some good deals. Thanks for stopping by!
Rainbow Petal Bead Welcome, Autumn Welcome, Autumn Heart


You can find my glass work in the following publications, etc. :
Click on the pics for more info

Glass Line Magazine 1000 Glass Beads Lammaga Art  Jewelry
Glass Line - June/July 2011 1000 Glass Beads Lammaga - Vol .17 Art Jewelry- November 2006
"Good Things Come in Small Packages - Creating a Miniature Perfume Bottle " Pgs. 68, 179 "Put a Little Spring in Your Links" by Vicki Walker
Pgs. 4 - 9
HGTV Glass Art Calender 2007 Petal Beads
That's Clever Glass Art 2007 Glasperlen Wiki
Episode #HCLVR-1A40 16-Month Calender "Artischockenperle"
Click here the show's schedule Click here for more info or to order

Beadwork Aurora Bead Unique
Beadwork- April/May 2004 Aurora- Issue 58, April-May 2006 Bead Unique - Winter '05-'06
"Triple-Drop Necklace" by Janet Crosby, pg. 69 "The Secret Life of Beads" By Tracey Edstein, New South Wales, Australia "Generations of Creativity", pgs. 28, 29, 30, 98
Bead Unique King county Journal Bead Unique
Bead Unique- Fall '08 King County Journal Bead Unique - Fall 2004
"Gallery", pg. 109 "Craft Lessons for the Masses", Women's Journal, January 23, 2005. "The Secret Language of Braille Beads", pg. 129

About Me:
"Me and my two favorite guys"
Me, my husband Steve and our floppy-eared Corgi "Max", relaxing at our favorite place in the world, Cannon Beach, Oregon
I was born and raised in Bellevue, Washington, and earned my degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences from Washington State University in 1993. Ever since, I have enjoyed working in the Seattle School District's Speech Pathology department as an SLPA specializing in non-verbal students.

Although I've had a love affair with glass art since I was a youngster, it wasn't until my husband (fiancé at the time) helped me set up my own studio in 1998 that I began to create lampwork beads (and am completely hooked). While my lampworking keeps me very busy, I've continued to work with the school district, teaching non-speaking children to communicate using technology.

My latest series, "Braille Beads" (click here for more info) seemed like a natural fusion of my two worlds, and I hope with some perseverence and steady hands I'll do the Braille alphabet justice.

The past couple of years have been especially exciting as I have had the opportunity to be published as well as appear on the Home and Garden Channel's "That's Clever" and "Crafters Coast to Coast". More opportunities (including another upcoming publication) are just around the corner as well, so please check back. When the projects are finished and ready for the public, I'll be sure to post more information here in my "fun stuff" area of the website.

I look forward to expanding my designs, creating different styles, and acquiring new skills as I move forward with my lampworking. I am always available by e-mail, and love to hear from my clients. Please enjoy your beads - no one has any that are exactly the same!

Take care all, and keep in touch! - Amy

I thought it would be fun to put a page together with some of my very favorite pictures of my family, friends, and myself. It's that old sentimental kind of feeling. :) Click on the button below if you're interested!
Some of My Favorite Pictures

Frequently Asked Questions
What are "lampworked" beads?

They are glass beads that are "handmade". That is, each bead is made one at a time by an artist who uses a stationary torch to melt the glass and form it into the shape of a bead. They are not machine made, so each is individual and very unique.

Why is it called lampworking?

Back in the seventeenth century, oil lamps were used to melt the glass. Now, a variety of torches can be used for the process.

Do you make your own beads?

From start to finish! I am the only artist in my studio, and I make each bead as the order comes in, with the exception of my auctions. Most of my clients request custom orders, and I'm happy to do them!

Why are U.S. lampworked beads so expensive?

It can really be summed up in one word...Quality. But more specifically, they take a darn long time to make (although I love every minute of it)! Also, most lampworkers consider each bead a piece of art - they are made with the best materials available and require many, many hours (months, years, etc) of practice and study.

Since the beads are glass, do they break easily?

All of my beads have been "annealed" in a kiln for extra durabilty. That means after I have finished designing them, they are placed in a kiln that removes much of the stress in the glass that would cause it to break easily. Yes, they are still glass, but are stronger than one would think!

What kind of glass do you use?

There are several types of glass that can be used in lampworking, but for now I am using Effetre and Lauscha, which are brands of "soft" glass.

How long does it take?

It really depends on the complexity of the design, but some of the larger beads can take up to 45 minutes!

What kind of torch do you use?

Right now, I'm using a minor burner (oxygen/propane set-up), but am hoping to upgrade to a larger torch soon, so that I can start working on larger objects such as goblets, vessels, etc.!

Do the beads look just like their pictures?

I really don't think pictures do glass justice, and I'm talking about all glass art. The beads are actually much prettier in "real life". One thing to keep in mind when buying handmade glass beads...They are individual pieces of art and no two will be exactly the same. That's part of the beauty of having something made for you by human hands!

Where can your work be found?

I have had clients from all over the world! All of my work is sold through my website and through Ebay. The internet has given me the opportunity to send my beads to clients in some of the most interesting and unusual places in the world.

Is there any benefit to buying something through ebay rather than a custom order?

There are several reasons one may want to buy through ebay rather than a special order...

  • It is much faster to get your beads if you buy them through ebay - custom orders can take about 3-4 weeks (depending on the time of year).
  • My ebay sets contain styles of beads that I don't offer on my website
  • The set will never be exactly the same

Do you give lessons?

I love to give private lessons, but lately, I just haven't been able to. When things calm down again, I hope to start up again!

Do you do wholesale?

No, I really enjoy selling directly from my website. I always keep my prices firm so that I can be fair to all of my clients. I do sell on ebay - that is the closest avenue I'll walk to "wholesaling" for now.